Art, design, philosophy and calls to action traversing and inspired by Scandinavia.

Nybrogade  Press publishes essays, confessions and companion-books.

Our books are incomplete.

You complete them by reading, thinking, taking position, sharing, rejecting, accepting, responding.

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What and where

The 17th century wood-framed brewery building at 25a Nybrogade in central Copenhagen has -for ten years- been a hotbed of fresh thinking and creativity at the intersection of visual art, design, performance, music, philosophy and political action, uniting emerging and famous voices. This uniquely Scandinavian mood -based on a sense of trust and possibility- has been inflected with inputs from further afield, and has also seeded projects and processes abroad, in the Middle East, France, California and the contested pipeline fields of North Dakota.

Connecting the dots

Nybrogade Press has been established to channel and communicate this energy, and to bind it with sympathetic forces arising elsewhere. The Press will produce high-quality monographs, touching on green design, arboreal politics, feminism and activist performance, as well as multi-voiced volume of essays. The collection will be rich in surface and depth, distinctly designed and profoundly engaged in the all-consuming upheaval of the climate crisis. Texts will be in English and Danish editions.